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Idiots Traffic School Booklet Course

Traffic School / Defensive Driving School booklet course price is $50.00 FLAT

Idiots Traffic School.com is Court Licensed in Multiple States and Counties.

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Call us to sign up for our Traffic School / Defensive Driving School booklet course

(866) 944-3468 TDD (877) 735-2929

Our Traffic School / Defensive Driving School booklet Course is an organized lesson plan of 10 chapters, each followed by a short quiz.

You must achieve a perfect score on the quizzes while the final exam can be passed with 80% correct. The quizzes are important because they help you learn the material and you will re-visit the same questions on the final. Once all of the quizzes and exam are completed, you must notarize the testing materials [at your cost] and send it back to use. This step is necessary because we are required by the courts to verify the identity of the test taker. You can fax the information & quiz packet to us at (310) 694-8184 or you can mail it in to us:

Idiots Traffic School.com
524 N. Mountain View Ave. #4
San Bernardino, CA 92401

You will be notified by phone if a passing score was achieved. If not, you can re-take any quiz or exam until you pass. Our final exam has 60 questions, true and false. Once again, the final exam questions are the same as the quiz questions, so try to go through the material and quizzes carefully. Please call us if you have any questions (866) 944-3468 we are open Monday to Friday we are closed on during court holidays.

As an independently owned and operated entity, we have no affiliations with the courts or any government agency, and therefore cannot impose liability upon them. The courts and government entities cannot be held liable for any actions of Idiots Traffic School.com

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